HLA develops and delivers training through online courses, webinars, face-to-face courses and workshops. Training is designed with learning principles in mind, and strategies are implemented to enhance the effectiveness and behaviour change for this training.

Training is available in communication (persuasive presentations, difficult situations, empathy development, effective writing, effective meetings, coaching skills, counselling skills, behaviour change skills, critical conversations); leadership (understanding yourself and understanding others, bringing out the best in yourself at work, self-leadership, advocacy skills, strengths-based leadership, essentials of mentoring); management (Positive performance management, dealing with difficult situations, data-driven management, policies and procedures for systematisation) and lifestyle (happiness and joy; understanding your strengths, thriving, resilience, work-life balance)


HLA are experienced at developing leadership training, programs and curriculum for emerging leaders and the clinician-manager who would like to develop their business/corporate acumen. We offer individual and group programs over a 3 – 18 month period to get the most out of your team.


HLA provides experienced external facilitators or facilitation teams for health organisations in strategic planning, change management or meetings. We help from conception through to planning, engagement, delivery, post-meeting, evaluation, reporting and design of communication documents.

Many health professionals are required to deliver presentations, host or emcee events or facilitate workshops. HLA persuasive presenting and effective facilitation workshops can help your team build these skills and gain confidence to deliver for better outcomes.


HLA provides consultancy to organisations who are:


  • Looking to improve their effectiveness or efficiency

  • Looking to solve a specific problem

  • Looking to improve company culture

  • Looking to improve systems and/or procedures

  • Looking to implement a health and wellbeing strategy


We can assist your organisation in developing a business case, strategic plan, market research, consultation and evaluation.


Coaching and mentoring programs are available to small business owners (entrepreneurs or private practitioners) who have a revenue of at least $250,000 from their business and would like to take their business to the next level or build a personal profile business based on their professional expertise.


Coaching and mentoring is available to health professional employees within organisations who are taking on or struggling in a management or leadership role. It is common for expert health professionals to work their way up the ladder, ultimately landing a job that they have not been prepared for. Our coaching assists with leadership and management skills, self-awareness, effectiveness, imposter syndrome, coping with overwhelm and prioritising and skills essential for people management and building effective teams.




Grants and tenders are a fabulous way to grow your business. That aside, the joy I have when I receive notice that I am successful with my application is not because of the money, but the extension of the good I can provide the world. The best part about grants and tenders is you can provide services or programs to those who might not be able to access them otherwise. This doesn’t change that the applications can be long, confusing and overwhelming.


HLA can assist you with your grant and tender applications. We have been successful in receiving over $8m in Government and private grants and tenders for our businesses and businesses of our clients. We offer fixed price and base + commission grant writing services.


We can research and write grant applications for you. Our overarching philosophy is capacity building, so we prefer to help you write your own. We do this through grant writing mentoring, workshops and courses. We believe you can write your own grants and tenders. If you have time to write a grant, you don’t need to outsource. The first one is the hardest to get.


We love words, and don’t discriminate between academic writing and writing for persuasion. We have experience writing in almost every area you could imagine. From research papers through to promotional material and everything in between.


We have experience writing:

  • Technical and white papers

  • Books (ghost or co-authorship) or Book Proposals

  • Articles (printed or digital)

  • Promotional Material

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Facilitation manuals

  • Text books Workbooks

If you or your organisation are writing regularly, you will get some benefit out of completing our persuasive writing masterclass.

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